Do you monitor what people are saying about you online?

Are you using this information to enhance your business?

The insights you gather about your customers, prospects, products and competitors with social listening can be valuable.In this article you’ll discover the benefits and ways that social listening can be used for your business.

1. Problem solve with Keywords

One way to find new business opportunities is to monitor keywords that relate to people’s problems and needs or their frustrations with a competitor’s product even. What are people looking up, typing in when looking for a product or service that you offer?

Use a tool to create a Keyword List Rather than just compiling a list of keywords by trial and error, use tools like these to make the process quicker and easier.

Keyword Planner gives you keyword ideas based on what people type into the Google search box. For example, want to track conversations about “social monitoring,” you may see suggestions like “social monitoring software” or “social monitoring service.” Keyword tool can also help with this.

By knowing what words your customers are using- this will help you with your content! yes folks it really is that easy!

Google Trends analyzes search queries, looks at the number of searches for keywords and shows how trends evolve so you can find out how people search for your brand or competing brands. You can compare trends by adding a second search term, plus it suggests a list of related search topics you might add to your keyword list.

2. Identify Influencers and Advocates

After a big product launch or update, track the link to or the title of your press release to see who’s sharing it. This information helps you identify influencers in your industry (I’m thinking LinkedIn would provide a great platform for this) . Reach out to them to start building relationships- grab them breakfast! If people are talking about your brand or products – LISTEN to them.

You’ll also want to identify your biggest brand advocates. Find and reward them with giveaways or special offers! Continue to keep them engaged as your brand grows, because satisfied customers are one of your greatest marketing resources. Ask them to write you a review, create a promo video and include their input. Showcasing your advocates helps build trust and brand loyalty and more Followers! Your staff should also be a huge part of your brand advocacy strategy – what are they saying about your business? these can be valuable insights that may offer some new change to your business and how it operates.

3. Where does your Community hang out?

Social listening enables you to find out where your potential and current community members carry on important conversations—Twitter, Facebook, Quora, comments on blogs or specific forum pages perhaps. Track these conversations, and when the time is right, join in.

FREE Tools like Hootsuite, Klout, Social Mention and TweetReach are just a few social media listening tools that social media agencies use when brand watching for their clients- have a look to see which ones could be suitable for your business and customers.

4. Improve Customer Care

With social listening, you can instantly identify both positive and negative feedback.

Monitor your brand name with and without the @ symbol (many people forget to add the @ symbol when communicating on Twitter).

Also, track common auto-correct misspellings for your brand name and monitor your website mentions (for example, and

This gives you the opportunity to show your appreciation for positive comments or to find and respond to disappointed customers, turning potentially negative experiences into positive ones. If people take the time to write about issues with your product, they’re open to your help.

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