Know your target audience

Buyer behaviour is so important when building your marketing strategy. Invest a good amount of time in profiling your target audience.

What area are they from, age, do they have families, pets, what types of food do they eat? do they prefer summer sun or winter breaks?

It will be a one-time and worthwhile investment because everything that really works on social isn’t random — it works for very specific reasons.

Make quick lists of specific topics — like recipes, children’s products, local events, but make sure they are all relevant to your industry and use content curation tools to find shareable content.

Another technique to use is Google Trends to explore topics that relate to yours that may offer you some related content ideas.

Content Curation

Content is leading the way in online marketing, marketers are spending more time creating more content, they want to know that their time is being spent wisely and that they are getting a return that makes all of their time spent creating content worth it.

Not sure what content curation tools to use here are some suggestions.

Pocket curation tool
Pocket curation tool

Pocket If you’re content curation is ad hoc, Pocket is the perfect place to start and get you in the habit of accruing content to use and share later. Instead of a laundry list of bookmarks or countless emails you’ve sent to yourself with links, Pocket keeps all your interesting images, articles, and videos in one place for reference. You can group articles by tagging and built-in search functionality makes finding those articles easy.

Drum Up A content discovery, curation and social media management tool, DrumUp provides you with a stream of fresh and relevant content recommendations to suit your social media marketing needs.

Feedly is an RSS reader that also lets you share articles on your social accounts as and when you discover them. When you set up your account on Feedly, the tool lets you choose your preferred sources for content. You can edit your list of sources at any point in time to add new sources, or remove existing ones.


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