Social media has the benefit of being available 24/7 and that means your business is now 24/7.

Whether you like it or not, feedback and share comments can occur at ALL hours of the day.

This problem is amplified if your business/product has a social media account on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest etc. In that case, your business is exposed to an entire planet of opinion.

negative positive feedback
customers feedback 24/7

Having a comments section can provide a number of benefits, but with it can come potentially a huge headache for a business owner. Believe it or not many businesses have been brought to their knees after a barrage of negative feedback, broken down/shut down as a result of a huge number of negative comments by their consumers.


To help you deal with feedback you may find some guidance from these points:

Improve your products and services

By taking the time to read your customers’ feedback, you’ll better understand what people like and dislike about your organization. Getting positive and happy comments? That’s great, keep it up and don’t get lazy. If you are getting negative comments, think about the issues that your customers have and do your best to alleviate those pain points.

As Roy L. Smith said, “The successful man is the one who finds out what is the matter with his business before his competitors do.”

Build a relationship

When you take the time to respond to your customer’s feedback (especially the negative feedback) it helps builds a strong relationship between you and your customers. They feel important and part of your business. This leads higher customer loyalty and can even lead to word of mouth recommendations.

 Dealing with positive comments

There is nothing better than receiving a little positive feedback. This means you’re doing something right but you shouldn’t just sit back and revel in your own awesomeness. Instead, share the love! Taking a couple minutes to send a quick thank you will do wonders for your brand.

If you have a core customer base who have stayed loyal or are providing consistent good feedback, don’t be afraid to send them a free sample or two; we promise you it will pay off big time.

Dealing with Negative comments

These can be a little trickier… If you’re a normal human being, these comments will hurt. It’s no secret the internet can be a mean place, but even in the face of a truly scathing comment remember this; kill em with kindness.

Tackle each negative comment as they come in and sift through the anger to find the truly valuable feedback. If a negative commenter has a point, let your customers know that you are sorry and that you are doing your best to find a solution.

But don’t leave it there, the best business will find a way to make their customer happy. So find that solution, share it with the upset consumer, and reply to the original comment to left future customers know you are there to support them.

Freebie tactic

As with a good customer who sends love, sometimes a free sample or two can help sway the opinion of a once scorned customer. Giving away a little something for free can often save even the most tarnished relationships.

Finally, if you feel you’re being trolled or that a customer truly isn’t being reasonable, try to handle the situation with humor. If you’re doing a good job your customer base should stick up for you and help deal with someone who is trying to mess with you.

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