Build your strategy on your unique business goals. With the right one in place we can help you maximise your ROIs and measure your business success. A simple strategy is the BEST strategy. Build it with Tartan Social Media.


With over 53 million eyes on this social platform, we can help you get to grips on how Facebook can boost your sales, generate leads, create unique posts and increase brand awareness.


LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for growing your business, networking, showcasing your company and staff. LinkedIn when used in the right way can build loyalty, credibility, and extend your knowledge. A MUST tool for corporate business.


Time is precious and we know you want to do it ALL in the quickest way possible. Let Tartan help take the stress out of digital marketing for your business. We can manage it for you. Or, we can of course show you tools that will allow you to do it yourself.

Paid Social

PaidĀ AdvertisingĀ (Paid Social, SEM, PPC) is a great strategy solution if your budget is limited. We can help you create highly targeted campaigns which are cost-effective and deliver results.


Increase your digital footprint. We can help you create and market content for blogs, post designs, photography and videos. With plenty of FREE tools out there we can guide you in the right direction. The FUN part!


Instagram is all about branding with visuals baby! Learn about account set up, influencers, stories and carousels and where to place your ##. A great visual boosting tool. Boost your brand and engagement.


Is your website not ranking great? Are your social posts not getting the attention you expected? SEO can sound to be really confusing. With our five step guide to an effective SEO strategy, we can help you make sense of it all.

training for SEO and Analytics

Next Steps...

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