Facebooks recent announcement – what does it mean for business?

Facebooks recent announcement – what does it mean for business?

In the last few days Mark Z called together his troops to announce a few ‘changes’ that will be rolled out in the next few months to our pages and feeds.

Just like many other social savvys out there, it’s not totally unexpected. Actually, if anything it’s good news!

So what was it that was announced and what changes will we be expected to see?

Well, basically Mark wants Facebook to go back to the engaging and meaningful platform that it was initially built for. He wants it to be about people and communities and groups – and less about stuff just being posted on pages for any old reason or with no value to the Facebooker. There will be less promotional content, less Ads and less MEMES! yeah!


What will we see more of?

So we will likely see more videos that will evoke emotions, discussion and generally more engagement from people.

More community building by brands through Groups – where personal engagement can really take place. So learning how to set up a Facebook Group will be good for your new strategy.

Relationships are key to this years new Facebook so anything content related that can help build B2C  1-1 relationship building with your brand will be crucial to the success of your FB page and favoured by the new algorithms.

What will we see less of?

General public, brand and media posts will reduce considerably on our feeds. Brands and Ads that we have never engaged with will not show on our feed at all.

This will mean that businesses who go to create new ads, promotions and general product/service content are less likely to reach their intended audience… a real shift from where Mark Z was pushing Facebook a few years back. Encouraging brands to get all over Facebook and go viral!

This means what for businesses?

Brands are going to have to work harder at creating content that is REALLY made for engagement. Short and valuable and even education content. Less images, more video and more conversational features.

Brands will need to re-approach their Ad spend strategy – it sounds as if you will need to spend more to reach more!

User experience is moving back to the control of Facebook – not the user! if we like a brands page surely that means we would like to see their content? so this is something to note. Just because your brand has 130,000 followers doesn’t mean that they will be sure to see your news updates.

Livestreaming – will be a big pull factor in keeping your page up and running. Live content is immediate, engaging, it can gather 6 times more viewers than pre-recorded!

Overall you can expect to see more from your family, friends and groups. You may already be noticing this change in your feeds as it is.


It has been an interesting year in 2017 with Facebook trending content that was classed as #fakenews or content relating to bigotry or elections or pretty much anything that could be viewed as disruptive. It is perhaps Facebooks intention this year to ‘clear out’ those unwanted posts and pages and make more of an effort to care about the ‘wellbeing’ of users.

as Mark said on his own Facebook page announcement

“by making these changes, I expect the time people spend on Facebook and some measures of engagement will go down. But I also expect the time you do spend on Facebook will be more valuable. And if we do the right thing, I believe that will be good for our community and our business over the long term too”.


How do you feel about the new changes coming our way?





Live content marketing

Live content marketing

Live content marketing is a great way to engage your audience and grow your following.


‘Live’ content marketing through channels like Facebook, periscope (Twitter) and Instagram is definitely on the rise, so why not consider this new way of engaging your audience as part of your digital marketing strategy for 2018.


Live content platforms – what’s out there?

Facebook Live and Periscope for Twitter appear to be the most popular and they are very straight forward to use, you just shoot and post!

Periscope, in 2016, stated that users watched 110 years of live video every day in the app and on New Year’s Eve Facebook Live reached a record-breaking number of users around the world.

Instagram have also launched a live video platform within their apps. Instagram now allows broadcasters to invite viewers to join their live video streams, once the other person is added to the live stream, the screen splits into two with the host on the top and the guest below.

Live stream content is particularly good for those who want to live stream an event, perhaps a conference, event panel discussion, a product launch, a sneak peek of a new clothing range! Q&A’s and live video series are also opportunities to pick up on, great for businesses who want to schedule in some discussion with their audience afar. With Zuckerberg himself using it for his own live sessions from his own FB page.

LinkedIn is in the process of rolling out one to its users now.

Live streaming benefits

Live streaming It’s part of a huge user base and growing in popularity so it’s always good to keep up with trends and be where your audience are.

Search engine optimization and content marketing can be time consuming, with live streaming content there is less of a time process involved, plan-click-stream-post.

There is no particular age group that are watching live stream content – everyone is your potential audience! Even older target markets like people aged 35-54 are using and creating their own live-stream videos!

live stream video
live stream video who’s watching it?


Live streaming is going to be a $70.5 billion industry by 2021…so you better get your skates on and catch up with this evolving trend.

Content that is set up for mobile and video is a digital marketers dream. You have to give this a try!

Need some help with live streaming – get in touch with us here at Tartan Social and we will be happy to help.