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Tartan provide bespoke training and here's how it works

You may want to have proper 1 to 2 day social media training sessions for you and your staff. Here at Tartan we can provide just that.

Our social media training is delivered on your premises with huge advantages to your organisation.

  1. No travelling costs
  2. Delegates can arrive 5 minutes ahead of the course starting and be back at their desks immediately afterwards
  3. Up to 10 delegates can be trained in a session
  4. You have no fears of delegates getting lost or delayed during travel
  5. In a business emergency, your staff aren't away from the office

When social media training is planned, Tartan do the following:

  1. Gather information on your business and your goals
  2. Research your products and services
  3. Examine the competitors you face and their activity online
  4. Look at your overall online presence and how social media can help
  5. Tailor the course content with all the above in mind

Tartan like to be prepared!

We can even tell you what competitors are doing and how to exploit it.

No other organisation offers the experience and attention to detail that we do.

To hold one of our training days at your premises, your site must meet the following requirements:

  • Reliable internet access with a minimum speed of 3mbps
  • Seating and desks for all the delegates and our trainer
  • A wall or screen that suitable for projectors (we would prefer to have access to a projector)
  • Provide a quiet and comfortable environment that is not subject to regular interruption

Prices vary depending on your location and requirements.



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