Tartan is a social media consultancy which helps businesses get to grips with what EVERYONE is part of. Based in Melbourne, south east, Tartan works with small to medium firms in the set up of their social media strategy, goals and help create that long term vision.

Call us for a chat or let us buy you a coffee and we can take it from there.

social media training


82 percent of small business owners are using sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram to help grow their business.


Your customers and fans can be your best marketing tools, but only if you’re posting about things that they want to share.


Social listening can help you find out what's being said about your services/products/industry. A social skill that's useful to learn to help grow and improve your business.


Get in touch with us to chat about all things social. Facebook Ads, managing posts, how to increase your Instagram followers..what is a #hashtag?!


Find out what tools can help you manage and schedule your posts more efficiently. 

Tools, Calendars, Tips and more..


Learn more about Google Analytics with some bespoke training.

Set up goals, conversions, event tracking & watch your business results grow!

Our Philosophy

Here's what we believe in.

Tartan Social is passionate about helping small businesses realise their social media potential. Our aim is to provide individuals and business owners with knowledge of the digital world and how it can benefit long term. By increasing your digital footprint - you can boost sales, ROIs, reach and audience, brand awareness and overall - introduce you to a world that EVERYBODY is connected too! Don't feel you have to miss out!



Our Strategy

Here's how it works.

You get in touch to tell us what issues you are having with your social media set up. We set aside some time to meet up and go through where you are at. We offer simple advice and training on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and tools that can help you manage them. Our plans are simple and affordable to suit all budgets.



what we do at Tartan Social